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Polly Duff Bresnick


Old Gus Eats

Told atomic matrix: tentative volume motivates all to love a nude,
warped, outwardly-tutu’d, ethos-teetotaler owl.
A tiny rap mayor was elite and melted our alimony.
Eat tomorrow to revolt our emblem with embers of love.

Told author: tripod elite beasts awkwardly whittled a nun.
Tame mates to love. Be an ethical, pure vesper of odor ‘tween
peeling an Oreo and rebel wives. Call, “Tent!” over audience participation whales.

O bountiful universe! Ale wryly canned after a year of total annoyance.

Arcade tenement evil can loot and immolate naps. “Ideally,”
network authority vows to epileptics, “We are Ayahuascans.”

Wet under air, an ibis solos, sort of, with cat-mice. Atop folios,
all or nothing Molotov men make omnivorous odes to beetles.
Kate’s pliant waves piss an ovation attack of eminence to them. Kevin

whips up a ton of cat nip for the tavern of terror and toil.

Told: autonomous tetanus at a mellow auction, nude.
Melt-top uncle’s taut tower mess acknowledges evil’s tepidness.
Kevin sucked at volleyball — his attention to moss all olden.
A parakeet/albatross/aviator/kite kidnaps a metal valve.
Vulva-eaten Etta all tomato-tabled after her kale epidural.
Neon-top Etta’s tepid old dykes — nude, popover alt-wives.
Tooth-picking rap snivels past the love alarm — above all else, sperm

wet the mohel ably. “Avast, ivy dalliance! Talented opiates, dial up!”

We neon-tops are nascent Neanderthals, budding at noel evidently. 
Twists of Ebola at pelvis, euphoric kewpie wives are malevolent.

Touring mauve Taos, the envy-tiled author wonders at oak POV.
Air looks solid until Etta takes a total ape view.
Sour ape eyes never attack you at all. Tons and tons.
The racket is either all-powerful or dead, eponymous Kate vs. Etta.


Polly Duff Bresnick is the author of the chapbook Old Gus Eats (Publishing Genius, July 2012), which contains stanzas fourteen through twenty-three excerpted from her visual translation of Homer’s The Odyssey. Her chapbook, MIRROR POEMS (O’Clock Press, December 2012), contains her antonymic translations of Patricia Delmar’s Poemario Rouge. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Tin Houses Flash FridaysThe Collagist, The Brooklyn RailelimaeThe Agriculture Reader, DossierMonkeybicycledecomP magazinEThe Offending Adam, The Fiddleback, and elsewhere.