Brooke Ellsworth     


My Name

We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us


My Name 

Lonnie’s here
handing around the gin and going on about heaven

there’s this cave and everywhere
you grab is covered in tits

some are pierced he says

can maybe some be on fire

can maybe some have their own mouths

the empties get tossed at Janet’s hair
hanging out all black along the road

at last they start to talk to each other
and settle on the time to leave


We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us

A recent fishing jaunt
to the southern Gulf Coast of Florida
gave me the opportunity to visit with Dr. Jay L. Harmic,
the scientist in charge of the long-range
research program at Macro Applied Marine Ecology Station. 
Considerable progress has been made
in the initial three years of operation, and the
prospects are excellent for environmental protection
and improving the already fabulous fishing. 
One of the projects causing a lot of excitement while I was there
was Dr. Harmic’s son, Mike, and his announcement
that he has recently been aggregated
into a reef.  This was made clear
to the fish as he proceeded to undress
while assuring them that he was not primarily interested in
contradicting them.  “As mangled as rubber fingers,” said Mike
as he placed his hand on the mangrove to his right.   


Brooke Ellsworth is author of the chapbooks Thrown (The New Megaphone) and Mud (forthcoming from dancing girl press). She has recent poems in DIAGRAM, Coconut Magazine, Spork Press, The Volta and elsewhere. She currently lives in Queens, NY and teaches at Parsons.