Peter Longofono    



Scrub harder, hogswallop.

I grant you the feel-bads.

The wagon—the wagon.


Sure, thumb the chevrons.

Youve yet to overmaster Rubiks.

—           —           —           —           —

Try preempting.

Try the train of unmechanical drays
single folk spring upon one

Oh damn it, thats the point.

Better stop.

So thats whats fluent.

A snag,

A catch.

—           —           —           —           —

Now laugh!

They seriously,

they expect us to spring

for a twenty-four-

dollar cookie!


Peter Longofono received his MFA from NYU, where he edited international content for Washington Square Review and served as a Goldwater Fellow. His poems and criticism have appeared or are forthcoming in H_NGM_N, The BakeryLuna Luna Magazine, and Coldfront. He lives in Brooklyn.