Adam Veal     


Hedge Persona Management

His Red Lips


Hedge Persona Management


Social media persona oversight committee
recommends virtual-iteration overhaul
re: leaked emails containing insurance data,
specifically insurance data concerning personas
employed in white-washing war-profiteering companies
(of stock percentage ownership at .3 or higher).

However, the aforementioned hedge personas
both caught out absorbing public opinion risk
in a way that prohibited defaulting further
and transparently worrying about being tactically jettisoned
forces further persona-owner investment to maintain confidence.

Third-party insurance company and persona broker
holding reputation score algorithms and risk calculations
itself accused of leveraging metadata against merger succession,
what would have been petty LLC against LLC
competition for parent conglomerate’s benefit
now inflates vertical integration crisis.

Panicked markets buy up persona platform hosting shares,
plummeting public trust in total persona set,
further extending austerity cycle to at least
the next sixteen quarters.


His Red Lips


Fallback lizard position

Considering insect nutrient source

Neo deep fried fair food

Grasshopper farms briefly spike 
bat and certain
bird populations

Reorganizing pest classifications

Sallow faced lizard merchants looking over the carnival

Their tongues searching with second sentience

The bats calling out in the twilight heat
confused by the sudden massive influx of 
competing predators

Melting in the music’s thick presence

Inside it and its playing mechanism

Ambiance not perfected or complete so much as solved

Crunchy insect batter

Tongue grows a second mind to search for you

Waving in the hot summer breeze

Finally cools off after midnight
with the dew so light licking

Precious boyfriend guillotine

Adam Veal’s poems have been published in CakeTrain, SpringGun, and Conjunctions. He is currently working on a manuscript about science fiction, copyright law, and panic. He lives in San Diego, California.