Adam Soldofsky     


from Panorama-O-Rama


Ideally                           I cannot feel a thing                   so that action on a shallow impulse                constitutes a radical leap                    of faith


there was a time             they’d put between a   drunkard                         and a thinker             a bear        to know        nature’s        true affinities        


we have come to learn    it is because we failed    to divest ourselves   of each other    that we were not finally accepted    on board the comet 






I appear through             the trap door                        in your living room            bearing news       of the people                  beneath the trap door   


there are now   everywhere      invisible handrails       for one to catch    and this is the result of conceding     to the inscrutability   of one’s life  


a process  that is           realized               during sleep                   where research continues                     on the zero-sum      dualism    generator


Adam Soldofsky lives in Los Angeles. More of his work can be found at: