Joshua Marie Wilkinson    


The Easement


Homesick for the street
for the bruise of the apple
for the window’s careless
song in line at the post office
homesick for a mosquito to
bring its wiring closer to break
the stately repose of a cut afternoon.
An excuse to get up & slash at the air
in the yard with my dog & dream
in the heat of the easement’s crooked
calling, crooked, calling.


The Easement


I want something to cover my eyes
but the moon’s my own companion
lost to a smudge, listing to drunk, out back
of the Shanty with Abraham & Brent—
Soiled to the story dust clobbered with
a year’s worth of whatever coin’s
heaviest for the kids to cash in with.


Joshua Marie Wilkinson's new projects include a book on Anne Carson (University of Michigan Press 2015), The Force of What's Possible (with Lily Hoang, Nightboat Books 2015), and a new book of poetry called Meadow Slasher (Black Ocean 2016). He lives in Tucson, where he edits The Volta and Letter Machine Editions.