Your BORT Coordinators are working around the clock to maximize the sustainable growth of error-free poetry communities, today! 

Junior VP of Confessional Technologies

Francesco Grisanzio is the Junior Vice President of Confessional Technologies™ at BORT Quarterly, today! He is the Office Manager of Stories & Centauries (Strange Machine Books, 2013). His memos have appeared in JellyfishFront PorchHandsome, and a Greying Ghost pamphlet. He holds an MBA from The New School and lives in Brooklyn, NY, today! 


Kevin Walter is the Assistant Director of the Enjambment Security Oversight Committee™ at BORT Quarterly, today! He lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a graduate of the MBA program at The New School. His professional emails have appeared in Forklift, OhioSixth FinchEveryday Genius, and Lemon Hound. His Greying Ghost pamphlet is better than Frank's, today!